(Many) 9″x12″ Manilla Envelopes like these

(4 sets) Tube Watercolors like these

(12 sets) Washable Markers like these

(3) Office Chairs; new like these

(Many) Lego of any kind (preowned are nice!)

(Many) Any colors acrylic craft paints like these (Shopping locally, they are only 50 cents per 2 oz. bottle!)

8.5″ x 11″ copier paper

8.5″ x 11″ plain cardstock paper

(Many) Scotch tape refills for dispensers like these

(1) Commercial vacuum

(Many) Acid-free white tissue paper like these

(Many) 100% cotton or linen sheets or fabric rolls, must be white for archival use

(Many) Archival museum storage boxes sized 16″x20″ or larger like these

(Many) Archival museum document cases like these

(Many) Bankers Boxes/Storage Boxes like these

(2) Large-room Dehumidifiers