2022 Haunted House Volunteer
Nightly Call Time is 5:30! (be on site and ready by 5:30). Exceptions MUST talk to either Becky or Nikki. I’m available from 5:30-10pm on:
Behind The Scenes/Set up/Tech
I’ll be anything NO FEAR/Put me where you need me
Guide-will need to be there every night and become familiar with the layout with the scares in each area. Guides will not speak, but will take the groups of 4ish people through the jail.
WAITING ROOM/PLANT: actors are mostly human but something is a little off. Can interact with patrons if you want; mainly just weird them out and get them uncomfortable.
GENETIC TESTING:This is the “mad scientist” area where we see if our patrons are good hosts for alien eggs.
BUTCHER/TORTURE: If a human isn’t a good host, they might be a good snack! This will be a bloody mess of a room with knives and other butcher implements.
IMPREGNATION ROOM: This will be a sensory room where we mess with all of their various senses to give them the bad feeling that they’re now hosting an alien egg
EGG SAC ROOM: Where the human hosts are consumed by the alien eggs that are growing within them. A couple wearable egg sacs will be available if anyone wants to be eaten by alien babies.
LOCKER AREA: We will have items in the lockers for people to explore. Someone will need to be in this area to reset the lockers after each group.
OUTDOOR REC AREA: Need some aliens to load the spaceship with egg sacs, human snacks, etc. This will be a scene viewed through a window.
Final Scare: No scares on stairs. But one last scare at the bottom is good…