I (fill out below) will participate in the Becker County Museum’s Haunted House in Detroit Lakes, MN. I understand that my volunteer duties not only involve acting but also monitoring guests for safety violations, and at times escorting guests to the appropriate exit. As an event volunteer, I understand that management must be notified of all incidents relating to guest problems, equipment failure and safety violations.

As a volunteer, I understand that:

· My actions (both good and bad) are viewed by the public and directly affiliate me with the Becker County Museum, Becker County Sheriff Dept, and the sponsors.

· That if my actions are deemed inappropriate, my volunteer duties will be cancelled and that I will be removed from the event without warning.

· I am not permitted to have physical contact with patrons or other volunteers.

· The continued success of this event depends on my involvement and contributing effort of 110% every time I volunteer so that the quality of this event remains high.

· The importance of my attendance obligation after signing up and confirming a volunteer shift. I acknowledge that I know I will arrive no later than 5:30pm dressed in character as determined prior by the event manager, Becky Mitchell and that my shift concludes after Becky releases me that evening and that duties my include picking up, resetting areas and assisting in closing for the evening.

· I am responsible for my costume and dressing as the character after review with the event manager I have been scheduled. The Becker County Museum does have some limited costumes, costume masks, wigs, etc. If you need help, ask!

· Minors, will need to have a ride ready and waiting no later than 9:45- 10pm each evening.

· I agree to contact Becky at 218-234-8844 as early as possible if some unforeseen event arises that prevents me from fulfilling my commitment.

· I will follow all rules and expectations given to me during training and communicated each night of attendance.

· Working in a haunted house is unique, yet can be a very rewarding experience. I agree to do the best I can and have fun!

I hereby grant permission for a member of the Becker County Museum Haunted House to take whatever steps may be necessary to obtain emergency medical care for myself or my minor volunteer. These steps may include but are not limited to, the following:

-Attempt to contact a parent of guardian if the volunteer is a minor

-Attempt to contact the volunteer’s emergency contact listed on file

-A hospital or emergency service

I do not hold the Becker County Museum and/or their staff and board of directors, volunteers, Becker County and/or their board of directors, sponsors and/or affiliates of this event responsible for any damage of loss of property, injuries, accidents and/or death, or any other ill effect suffered as a result to myself while participated in the Becker County Museum Haunted House. I fully acknowledge the risks of participating in the Haunted House. I fully acknowledge the risks of participating in this event hereby forfeit my right to penalty, lawsuit, and/or legal action against the stated parties.

I have read the above statement and by signing below agree to all of the above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Becky Mitchell at 218-234-8844 or email becky@beckercountymuseum.org

2022 Haunted House Release Form